WE HAVE A WINNER: Caption Contest - Andrew Neethling's Secret Weapon? 74

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WE HAVE A WINNER: Caption Contest - Andrew Neethling's Secret Weapon? - Caption Contest - Andrew Neethling's Secret Weapon? - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

Andrew Neethling felt that the comment by Joshua0 was worthy of the prize! Congrats and stay tuned for more!

Credit: gordo
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Caption Contest - Andrew Neethling's Secret Weapon?

  • C48_neethlingcaption
  • sspomer

    9/12/2012 11:39 AM

    hey everyone, sorry for lagging. After World Champs, Needles checked all the comments and thought that JoshuaO's comment about riding underwater was worthy of the win! stay tuned for more caption contests coming soon!

  • sadhu_low@hotmail.com

    9/8/2012 8:42 PM

    who wins?


    9/1/2012 6:15 PM

    Is there a winner for this caption contest?

  • reTroyspective

    8/27/2012 1:19 PM

    this baaike is like 100% boet, gooi a quick Q20 and its hundreds, those gangsters wont be zopping this one cause im packing my new lock chaaina.

  • Sherpa

    8/26/2012 3:21 PM

    Coil suspension is the best.


    8/25/2012 3:17 PM

    "Please MTV, Pimp my ride!"

  • Storge

    8/24/2012 8:42 AM

    A bad hair day.


    8/24/2012 1:34 AM

    I'm sure that bike looked better when it was younger

  • aprouty

    8/23/2012 3:24 PM

    Andrew Neethling Bike Check: (andrew) Hey Vital!! New for 2013 I'll be riding for "stolen" bmx bikes. Just got my new bike a few minutes ago, I stole it in front of this gas station around the corn......!!! OOOh shoot I think this guy is looking for his bike!! hurry snap the photo! Anyway got new fresh white kicks on it, and raised the seat up a bit ( I ain't got those tuck no handers down yet) Alright, thats about it. Peace y'all

  • Boulder Pilot

    8/23/2012 7:36 AM

    Yo Holmes, get yo damn hand off my ride.

  • sadhu_low@hotmail.com

    8/22/2012 11:29 PM

    whenever i get to comfortable on the downhill bike i like to ride this.. aka secret weaoon

  • tstep

    8/22/2012 11:01 PM

    "i don't always ride BMX, but when i do i prefer a comfy seat." -Andrew Neethling... AKA the most interesting man in DH

  • Tom_Douglas

    8/22/2012 11:01 PM

    i shit out bmx bikes for brekky

  • alexgnzlz20

    8/22/2012 10:51 PM

    introducing the new rusty Giant STP with the new rust treated steel the frame the bike will be lighter then carbon and stronger. The same technique was implemented on the chain for added strength. hoping to see this new prototype bike at interbike


    8/22/2012 10:49 PM

    That must be my bike that i lost when hitting a lake jump. i never did find that

  • CMDS

    8/22/2012 9:22 PM

    I dont always ride BMX, but when I do, I make sure to grab one from the marina down the street.

  • JoshuaO

    8/22/2012 8:54 PM

    Andrew Neethling is so badass that he rides his bikes underwater.

  • sspomer

    9/12/2012 11:37 AM

    sorry for lagging! JoshuaO, Needles liked your comment best! You win the prize. email your shipping address to sspomer@vitalmtb.com and i'll get you the goods!

  • canadmos

    8/22/2012 8:18 PM

    Only a seat this big, could support balls as big as Neethling's.

  • bizutch

    8/22/2012 8:09 PM

    Aussie. Aussie. Aussie.

    Heh heh...let's see who gets that joke.

  • Drewness

    8/22/2012 7:20 PM

    100% UNbutt-hurt

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