Brandon Semenuk Road Gap Backflip, Crankworx iXS Slopestyle and Teva Best Trick Winner 4

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Brandon Semenuk Road Gap Backflip, Crankworx iXS Slopestyle and Teva Best Trick Winner - Brandon Semenuk Wins Slopestyle Finals at Crankworx Europe - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

What's the deal with Trek and their riders. We all know about Gwin, but Semenuk is dominating the high profile slopestyle events like Gwin does with the World Cups. The talent is so deep and their skill level so high, that it's almost boring to watch. The irony with such a statement is that I say it with 100% pure admiration, respect and awe.

The iXS Slopestyle at Crankworx Les 2 Alpes was plagued by wind again, but it didn't really matter in the end. The entire field dropped in and performed their runs. Aside from 2nd place finisher and relatively unknown rider, Leo Delfour Barrsacq, every rider seemed to struggle. They missed their big tricks, they straight jumped a lot of the obstacles or the runs lacked top-to-bottom flow.

Then the last rider drops in for his first run, Brandon Semenuk. Within the first 2 or 3 obstacles, you knew it was over. Flow, tech and size. The road gap in this photo was something 80% of the riders just wanted to get over safely. Sam Pilgrim flipped it but swapped out on the insanely fast landing. Other than Sam, Semenuk was the only competitor to attack this obstacle. This flip won him Teva Best Trick, but his run continued. 360 on, switch 360 off, barspins, flipwhips, tuck no handers, more tailwhips, more flips and a tuck no hander to tailwhip combo on the finish jumps. Nearly every obstacle was tricked by Semenuk...and it didn't even look difficult. Only after watching the rest of the field struggle, could you realize just how calm, cool, collected AND gnarly Semenuk is and the scores reflect that.

Will the rest of the big FMB events be a battle for 2nd place just like the World Cups seem to be? Time will tell. Semenuk, YOU SHRED! Oh, and props to Crankworx and Ryan Meyer for referencing the "boner" log the entire webcast. That was awesome, haha! -gordo

Crankworx Les 2 Alpes Slopestyle Results
1. Brandon Semenuk - 85.67
2. Leo Delfour Barrsacq - 79.33
3. Martin Soderstrom - 74.33
4. Yannick Granieri - 74.00
5. Tomas Lemaine - 70.00
6. Greg Watts - 68.00
7. Tomas Genon - 57.67
8. Anthony Messere - 54.33
9. Kelly McGarry - 50.33
10. Ramon Hunziker - 49.33

Credit: Piotr Staron
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Brandon Semenuk Wins Slopestyle Finals at Crankworx Europe

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