Bike Check: Carter Holland's Black Market Roam

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If you've been watching Vital over the last year, you've surely seen a few versions of the new Black Market Roam. The bike is now in it's final stages and Carter Holland is here with the details.
6.3 inches of bump squashing goodness.
33 pounds with a coil shock and some burly parts. Not too shabby.
Carter prefers the 1x9 setup for its simplicity and reliability. In the wheel department, he's got Tioga Psycho Genius tires mounted to Atomlab Pimplites.
Black Market produces much more than just frames. Their component lineup includes bars, stems, seats, sprockets, pedals, grips, headsets, and seat clamps.
The Adam Hauck inspired Lock-Down Lock On grips are some of the widest grips in the business, allowing more side-to-side room.
Carter explains one of the coolest features of the bike - 26 or 29? It's easy to make the change.
Black Market frame graphics are usually clean, subtle, and influenced by Carter's experience in the military and as a policeman.
The 66 degree head angle is slack enough to let it rip and steep enough to still climb well.
Simply loosen two bolts on each side and use an allen wrench from the rear of the bike to adjust the drops horizontal position. This allows for a wide range of setup options.
Continuing the adjustable theme - the Roam uses pinch bolts up front for a few reasons, including making head angle changes easier.
The frame weighs in at 7 pounds without a shock.
As Carter runs through seat tube specs, note that top tube sizes range from 20.4 to 24.15 inches.
The Roam can switch between 4.3" or 6.3" of travel using the included Shock Shuttle.
Over and out! Watch <a href="" target="_blank"><b><font color="#ffff00"></font></b></a> for more info.
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The man behind Black Market Bikes walks you through his brand new trail bike, the Roam. - Photos by Jason Peters

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