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A Big, Bad Batch of Brook Macdonald Bangers

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A Big, Bad Batch of Brook Macdonald Bangers - A Big Bad Batch of Brook Macdonald Bangers - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

If anyone asks you what downhill mountain bike racing is, show them a photo or video of Brook Macdonald. His style, his aggression and his ability to make the most brutal sections of track bow down to his presence are coveted and respected by every professional racer on the circuit. Amateur riding mortals can only dream of what it feels like to tame rocks, roots and speeds like the Bulldog. Sometimes wild, sometimes loose, always fast, Brook is downhill.

The unbreakable Brook Macdonald suffered a spinal injury during a crash at World Champs this past summer. Our community was rocked by the news, but there was always the underlying belief that Brook wouldn't be down for long, despite 8 screws and two rods surgically added to his already tough-as-Terminator body. Brook is a fighter and two months after surgery, he claimed his first real bike ride. Bulldog for life!

Thanks to Sven, Boris and Dan for the killer photos of the rider we want to watch more than anyone!

Credit: @maddogboris

A Big Bad Batch of Brook Macdonald Bangers

  • A Big, Bad Batch of Brook Macdonald Bangers
  • Attack Position at Val di Sole, Brook Macdonald
  • Bulldogs Fly Low - Brook Macdonald
  • Val di Sole Moto Moves, Brook Macdonald
  • Chasm Crossing in Andorra - Brook Macdonald
  • Fort William Frenzy, Brook Macdonald
  • Brook Macdonald, Maribor World Cup
  • Anihilating Andorra, Brook Macdonald
  • Bulldog
  • Brook Macdonald in Maribor
  • Heart is an Understatement. Brook Macdonald
  • Wet, Dry, It Doesn't Matter. Brook Macdonald
  • Parting the Rain at Warp Speed, Brook Macdonald
  • Brook Macdonald and The Matrix
  • Lofting in Leogang - Brook Macdonald
  • Pure Style, Brook Macdonald
  • Angled in Andorra, Brook Macdonald
  • Grit, Focus - Brook Macdonald
  • Pure Bulldog - Brook Macdonald
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