2021 Maribor World Cup Downhill Track Walk Slideshow

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It's World Cup Downhill time again! The circus is back in Maribor, Slovenia, with a classic venue but a track with lots of fresh, new sections. The temps are scorching and the riders are ready to race. Sven and Boris deliver the photo/audio goods and you can listen to all the raw audio interviews in our podcast player or below this show.

Warners favorite part of the track. The drop into a weird, hairpin, tarmac right-hand turn, most often found in shopping malls and drivers license tests. -Sven Martin
I’m not a fan of finishing a mountain bike race, especially a downhill one, on tarmac. Palmer would not approve. #1999 -Sven Martin
Track walk days are family days at the World Cup. Hot today but it gets progressively hotter all week. -Sven Martin
Some new paint jobs seen in the paddock after the break. Vali gets a new bike and new kit for a fresh start to the second half of the season. She laid down a super fast qualifier time at the IXS cup held here not to long ago, and she will want to seal the deal here this weekend. -Sven Martin
New retro colours and new bike day for GT Factory Racing. Good to see Martin, Noga and Ethan all joining Wyn between the tape this weekend. Can you believe it's been almost 50 years since GT was founded. -Sven Martin
Luca Shaw talks us through his last few whirlwind weeks. Although he will never claim or admit it he has most certainly played a part in Jolanda’s recent gold medal performance in Tokyo. -Sven Martin
Back in Maribor and very, very different conditions to last year's slippery mud fest. It was hot today and temperatures are only meant to climb. -Sven Martin
Always a gentleman, yet silent assassin, Benoit Coulanges steadily creeping up on the results sheet each year and each race. So many French pilots battling for glory. -Sven Martin
Gee taking care of rehab and Rachel taking care of Arna. That leaves Mille, Charlie and Andreas to represent for Atherton Racing this week. -Sven Martin
New Helmet Day for Troy Brosnan. @maddogboris
New Bike n Kit Day for Canyon Collective Factory Team. @maddogboris
Reece and Chuck both healthy and back together again. Reece is always a pleasure to chat to. He calls it like it is and rises to the pressure everytime. Gold for the bold. -Sven Martin
You can get free Tattoos and Haircuts in the FMD Racing Pits...just saying. @maddogboris
Loris won here last year. Can he be as calculating when it's flat-out fast and dry? -Sven Martin
3x Hardline winner, Bernard Kerr, looking for some big jumps? @maddogboris
Barnaby Edwards blasts some Redbull Hardline dust off of Bernard Kerr's wheels. -Sven Martin
Kade Edwards looking at the recently Rampage Wild Card list? -Sven Martin
Lyle and Greg have had quite a busy few weeks. Taking wins at the IXS and then logging some time in Val Di Sole. Much like Kelly Slater, as Minnaar ages, he takes his racing craft even more seriously. -Sven Martin
Chef boy Eddie cooks for the Pivot family. -Sven Martin
Middle of the track I kid you not. Does it need an orange pad or an oversize condom? -Sven Martin<br />
That´s a nice number Swap Mark Wallace...from 19 to 7! @maddogboris
Deanos waxes philosophically about living his best life. -Sven Martin
The pits are full of hidden developments if you know how to spot them. When a rider like Neko brings his laptop to FOX, you know there is something worth stealing a quick glance at if you're quick enough. -Sven Martin
Always the busiest day of the week for all the suspension service crews in the pits. -Sven Martin
Every part has its place. Pivot pits. -Sven Martin
Wyn loves a good E-bike tweak. Who said E-bikes and pump tracks don’t go together. -Sven Martin
The fans have been welcomed back this week. The pits are full of them. -Sven Martin
The triple looks bigger than ever this year. With a decayed lip, it's going to be interesting to see who gives it a full pull. -Sven Martin
Mhm...guess the rider!? @maddogboris
New finish area in the old pits for this year's race. -Sven Martin
The rutted final jump has been fixed, tweaked and extended, but sadly doesn’t look like it will line up for any exciting tweaks, but then again I’ve been proven wrong before. -Sven Martin
Classic track roots. @maddogboris
Yep...it's not done after the jump. For some reason they added a few extra meters to the track...@maddogboris
Team FMD knows how to relax after trackwalk. These Swimmimg pools must be on sale as nearly every Team has one. @maddogboris
...to hit this "massive" drop... @maddogboris
...and end up in the car park... @maddogboris
...to make it through this 90-degree corner. @maddogboris
Not a bad place for a race start! @maddogboris
Team Union checking out the first bit of the woods. It doesnt really look like in this pic...but its pretty fresh n loamy. @maddogboris
Let´s hope for some scrubs n whips here tomorrow! #nopressurekaos @maddogboris
A little rock garden puzzling going on. @maddogboris
Just don't hit that please... @maddogboris
Also don't hit this one please! @maddogboris
Another Maribor Classic. @maddogboris
The rockgarden is defo a spectator and media favorite...not so sure about the riders. @maddogboris
That`s the infamous Tripple from last year. Let`s wait for the Show! @maddogboris
Can you spot Olly "Dadcam" Wilkins? @maddogboris
Fingers crossed the only water these rocks will see this weekend are sweat drops. @maddogboris
I think you are all good guys... @maddogboris
Something very shiny is getting build up in the Track Pits. @maddogboris
More roots! @maddogboris
Bring on the racing! @maddogboris
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