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2021 Les Gets World Cup Downhill Race Slideshow 14

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A fast, natural track with some controversial obstacles led to an unforgettable weekend of racing at the 2021 Les Gets World Cup Downhill. Sven Martin, Boris Beyer and Dan Hearn deliver the photos, interviews and insider's perspective from France. Take your time, sit back and enjoy!

Thank you, Sven Martin, @maddogboris and Dan Hearn

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sspomer sspomer 7/5/2021 11:07 AM

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Good on Sven for asking the tough questions to Thibault about concussions. I can’t help but think they were taking a serious risk letting him ride and race. While he said he played it safe up until finals, this is downhill, everyone has had big crashes when they aren’t nt expecting it or playing it safe. While that was a pretty incredible performance, part of me thinks it shouldn’t have happened...

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I kind of agree... I thought part of the concussion protocol was to make sure you don't hit your head again for a while, and so downhill would be off the list of things you should do - perhaps the protocols have changed, perhaps I'm wrong to begin with, but if not it seems like the kind of decision that should be in the rulebook so racers/teams are relieved from having to make the call.

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It's a real shame there's such a long break until Maribor - I really feel like the momentum was building perfectly. Cheering MoiMoi on in the Enduro will have to do in the interim

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The photo of the hot seat riders looking stressed out compared to loris and company who looks like folks just having fun after a ride is very interesting. Great capture there Sven. Show more of the racing for us that can't be there.

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Why the thumbs down? The guys sitting on the podium in that pic probably don't have guaranteed contracts or have minimal cash compensation.

The muddy guys are all factory and getting paid better regardless of the immediate result of the day...right?

Never mind ...contracts in MTB are secret

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Dude.... I've never seen a shot of champagne that made it look delicious in the slightest. Your pic makes it look like the nectar of the gods is about to touch her tongue.
No filthy mind here. I've got daughters only a couple years younger than her.

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