Formula has developed two new valves for their Compression Tuning System, or CTS, making for a total of five different tunes for the Selva fork. Initially, Formula only offered firm (red), medium (blue), and soft (gray) valves, which covered a wide range of riders, but we know pros and aggressive riders in general often require special tuning due to the kinds of forces they can put on their suspension. As such, formula has developed two additional tunes, Special Firm and Special Soft, to accommodate an even broader range of riders. 

Special Firm is valved in a way as to not effect the high-speed compression, yet offer more low-speed compression and additional mid-stroke support. The Special Soft valve was developed for their XC racers, who needed a firm pedaling platform for sprints and punchy climbs but eases off the high-speed compression to offer a less jarring ride which they say is important for endurance style racing.

Each CTS valve retails for $50.00 USD, as does the required tool to remove and install them. 

For more information on the Selva fork and the CTS system check out our First Look.

Fred Robinson

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