Formula is doing some interesting things with their new Linea G wheelset. With hubs made completely in Italy, they are available in a number of configurations including the current downhill 12x150//20x110mm standard and both 12x142 and Boost 148mm standards. Both Shimano and XD drivers can be used. 

The rims, which are made of what Formula calls Dynamal alloy and claims is stronger than the industry-standard T6 alloy, measure 30mm internally in order to play well with wide tires. 32 straight-pull spokes with an offset spoke bed allows for equal length spokes throughout the set making replacement easy, as well as provided equal tension on both sides of the wheel which should help provide extra stiffness.  

With a rim built to withstand the rigors of downhill riding being available in a 29-inch configuration with hubs that meet current downhill spacing standards, we had to ask the obvious question. And, with tight lips, all they’d tell us was to keep our eyes peeled later in the season and something about a sunny hill.

Fred Robinson

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