Contest Alert: YT Industries Boss Fight 4


YT Industries has hidden 50 golden Sensus grips around the sea otter grounds. Enclosed in each grip is a golden ticket. Be one of the first 16 to deliver a ticket and you're in. 

Round One: Trivia. The top eight trivia contestants continue to round two. 

Round Two: The Thirstmaster 3000 Beer Chuch Challange (non-alcoholic drinks available for groms). If your chug-a-lugging skills earn you a spot in the top four, you move on. 

Round Three: Bracketed Jeffsy Build-Off. The group of four is divided into two groups of two and you go head-to-head with the other person in your group. Winners of bracket one move on to face each other in the semi-final build-off, with the winner moving on to finals.

Finals: So you're the fastest of four? Congrats. Now you have to go head-to-head with the Juan-and-only John Hall, Aaron Gwin's mechanic, and see if you can beat him in a Jeffsy bike build. Best him, and you just got yourself an alloy YT bike of your choice. BUT, if he beats you, don't fret, you still earned yourself a 170mm RockShox Lyrik. Better find those grips!

Fred Robinson


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