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Birzman had a rash of new tools on display, from integrated tool storage to tubeless tire setting air tanks. Pictured above is their Stealth Apogee MTB CO2 hand pump. The clever design allows the user to carry two CO2 cartridges alongside the hand pump, which features a removable valve head that can be screwed onto the CO2 cartridge in order to inflate the tire. If you end up running out of CO2 before the end of your ride or just want to top-off the cartridge you just put in, screw the valve head back on the hand pump and go to town. MSRP on this pump is $44.50.

They also introduced their new valve head, the Push & Twist, which will replace all of their Snap-It valve heads and be featured on all pumps the Snap-It was previously used. Simply push the valve head over the valve (both schrader or presta) and twist. The valve should auto lock itself into place. To remove, just pull it off.

Seen as a prototype-only at previous shows, Birzman is finally ready to launch their Bottle Cleat water bottle system. Inspired by clipless shoes, the bottle keys into the cleat at the bottom and then is snapped into place by sliding it in at an angle. The system can be installed on the bike for both right and left-handed riders. It’s worth mentioning that all of Birzman’s water bottle cages can be set up this way as their designer is left-handed and is sure to always make this feature possible. At $10 retail, both the bottle and the cleat are included with purchase. 

Birzman also showed us their new Uncage bottle cage and Uncage Side Draw bottle cage. As mentioned above, both can be set up for right or left-handed riders, and both seamlessly mount Birzman’s Uncage Repair Kit. Available in a variety of configurations, with one even including CO2 cartridges, these cages and repair kits will fetch anywhere between $8.00 and $38.58. 

Lastly, Birzman is now getting into the tubeless inflation system game with their new Pump Up tubeless inflator. The tool is inflated up to 220 PSI, attached to the valve via Birzman’s Push & Twist valve, and then a quick flip of the switch allows the compressed air to rush into your tire. This inflation system will run you $53.00.

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