Tahnee Seagrave's Transition TR500

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Tahnee Seagrave's Transition TR500 - 2017 Lourdes World Cup Pit Bits - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

It's the little things that count. Also note the new super-soft purple-rated tires...

Stickers make for a good scuff guard.

Tahnee is on the RAD program this year.   No one was saying how many RADs she's clicked + or - though.

Ti bolts shave grams and shaving grams shaves time.

Trimmed down 8-speed cassette, keeping things pinned all the time.

Fresh grips and saddle with a note of well-wishes for the weekend!

We all know Tahnee is going to leave it all out there to lighten this number up even more.

Big spring. Big speed.

Tidy and tucked away.

Keeping the power turned on.

Credit: Zach Faulkner

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