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220mm SRAM Rotors - 2017 Lourdes World Cup Pit Bits - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

My my, what big rotors you have! We spotted Mike Jones' Nukeproof Mega hanging out at the SRAM pits, with these athlete-only 220mm rotors looking particularly huge, even though we're getting used to massive cassettes a 220mm brake rotor certainly stands out. SRAM has had a busy time lately, launching products shown here like the Super Deluxe coil or the brand new Code stoppers. The first World Cup is a great time to catch up with all the SRAM athletes, and of course, to work on their set-up: good thing the pits are dialed!

John Dawson, the great ignorer who wouldn't give gordo the time of day at Sea Otter. He made gordo cry.

Credit: Johan Hjord / @iceman2058

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