Interbike 2015

The Smith Optics Squad MTB specific goggles have some pretty fly colors. What makes it specific to MTB has to do with the increased air flow provided by stripping away all the extra vent foam on the top, sides and bottom of the flexible frame, while also adding vent ports across the top of the lens. There's some super absorbent foam to soak up sweat, and a massive field of view thanks to a new lens design. The Squad will be available in 12 colors, and the one with the peacock feather will haunt our dreams until it's ours.

The Forefront helmet has a few new colors for 2016. Below is Matte Pink/Charcoal and Matte Reactor Gradient. There is also a Matte Opal/Charcoal color that matches those awesome Feather goggles.

Courtney Steen

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