Interbike 2015

​Pivot doesn't have women's specific bikes, but is a go-to for many women. Why? Pivot bikes have a nice and low standover, a key filtering factor for many of us. The bikes are offered in XS and even some XXS sizes to fit riders from 4'11 to 5'5". Because shorter riders tend to weigh less, these smaller frame sizes use lighter weight carbon layups to have a consistent ride feel while still retaining the same strength. The smaller bikes also have custom tuned suspension for lighter weight riders.

Pivot offers the same full range of colors on the smaller bikes as the larger sizes. For those who do like it, however, they do offer a pink option on the smaller frames.

Paz Chinchilla, one of Pivot's demo fleet drivers, is 5' 2-1/4" and rocks the XS pink Pivot Mach 4 with some added teal. Good looking bike, eh? The XS Mach 4 has a reduced travel in the rear to 100mm from 115mm on the larger sizes. The new 2016 Mach 6 (pictured below) maintains its 155mm of rear travel across all the sizes from XS to XL.

Bonus points for excellent choice of flair on Paz's bike!

Courtney Steen / Brandon Turman

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