Interbike 2015

Bell's Joy Ride collection was inspired by speaking with women riders trailside, where they were asked what motivated them and why they ride. Many responded that they ride for the joy of it, thus the name. They also wanted quality, purpose built helmets that looked good - not overly feminine and not overly masculine. This range of helmets covers pretty much the whole spectrum: the Super 2R and Super 2 for all-mountain/enduro, the Rush for trail, the Coast at the entry level, some for road/XC, and the Soul has 3-in-1 versatility for looks with a visor, with no visor, and with a soft visor.

Bell is also launching a grassroots program with the goal of inspiring and enabling more women in mountain biking. This year they will identify five women in five towns to be Joy Ride ambassadors. These women will lead the charge in their communities, manage social rides, represent Bell, and spread the beautiful word so more and more women can join in the fun. Interested women can apply at bellhelmets.com.

Courtney Steen

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