Interbike 2015

So many options. Ryders Eyewear has a smorgasbord of eyewear with premium lens tech. These technologies include polarized, photochromic, antiFOG, and now veloPolar options. Usually cyclists tend to avoid polarized lenses since they can hide slippery surfaces, black out LCD screens, and can mess with depth perception. However the new veloPolar is tuned to give the benefits of polarized lenses such as combating glare and defining details while filtering out their disadvantages. Models with the veloPolar and antiFog lenses include the Seventh, Invert, Crankum, Caliber, and Strider. Many of these models and more are also super adjustable given the hydrophilic, flexible nose pads and flexible temple tips.

The Invert is a new design from Ryders. These semi-rim glasses have a frame along the bottom edge rather than the top as most others do. Now when out on the trail, you aren't looking at the frame along the upper edge of the lenses. If you biff it, the frame along the bottom will protect your cheeks from possibly getting cut by a lens.

We tried out the Strider glasses with antiFOG and photochromic lenses earlier this year. Here is that review.

That was just a brief of what Ryders has to offer. Head to ryderseyewear.com to see more and find your favorite.

Courtney Steen

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