Ibis displayed new carbon 742, 942, 735 and 935 wheels, in addition to new aluminum 738 and 938 wheels. The first number indicates the wheel size, 9 = 29”, 7 = 27.5”, second number is outer rim width.

With the 742/942, they retained the 41mm outer/35mm inner widths of the previous 741/941 rims while increasing impact strength, reducing weight and maintaining lateral stiffness.

The 735/935 feature 35mm outer and 29mm internal rim widths for lighter trail bikes. The wider and shallower rim profile allowed them to increase impact strength and lateral stiffness, while matching the weight of the 928 hoops.

The wheels use a hybrid carbon fiber layup, combining layers of carbon/epoxy prepreg with their original carbon composite, increasing ultimate strength and impact durability. The rims have an asymmetric design with 5mm of offset (2.5mm on 735/935) allowing for higher spoke tension.

Wheels come with Industry Nine Torch Hubs with a 60t ratchet with 6 out of phase pawls, resulting in a 3º engagement. The brakes are center lock and the hubs are equipped with Enduro bearings and come with either Shimano or SRAM XD drivers.

Aluminum wheels are $549 US and share many of the features of the carbon rims: 5mm asymmetric spoke drilling, tubeless ready, similar profile, equal spoke tensions and a very wide profile. The new Ibis hubs feature a 36t 4 pawl freehub (Shimano or SRAM) with Enduro bearings and Boost spacing.

Available May 15.

Brandon Turman

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