Crankbrothers has been hard at work developing their new dropper post, the Highline. Having taken the knowledge they gained with their previous post, the Kronolog, Crankbrothers was sure to put the new dropper through an extensive development and testing process to make sure the new Highline was as reliable and top preforming as possible before it was brought to the market. They back that claim up with an industry leading 3-year warranty. Using some interesting new tech and quite possibly one of the most well thought-out lever designs we’ve seen, we got to check out the new post first hand at this year’s Sea Otter Classic.

Crankbrothers Highline Features

  • Length - 400mm
  • Weight - 580g (includes remote, cable and housing)
  • Diameter - 30.9, 31.6
  • 50mm Minimum Stack Height
  • Internal Routing
  • Quick-Connect Mechanism
  • Two-Bolt Quick Release Head
  • Jagwire Elite Ultra-Slick Cable / Lex-sl Housing
  • Self Contained Hydraulic Cartridge
  • Icus LL-Glide Bearing and Keys
  • Trelleborg Seal
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • MSRP - $350 USD / €350

The new Highline is cable actuated, but unlike most cable actuated dropper posts, the Highline uses a rotary activated cartridge which Crankbrothers told us is far more reliable than push/pull style carts. This should help prevent that saggy saddle syndrome plenty of droppers eventually develop. To further increase durability and longevity of the post, Crankbrothers also employs Trelleborg seals, Igus LL-glide bearings and Jagwire elite ultra-slick cables with lex-sl housing. Should you run into issues with the cart, Crankbrothers will send you out a new cartridge with the base-cap preinstalled for easy replacement.

Offered only as an internally routed post, Crankbrothers uses a quick connect, plug-and-play cable attachment system. Once you’ve routed and connected your cable to the quick connect system, pressing the keyed-in quick connect base to the post and tightening the lock-ring is all it takes to install the cable / lever.

Another nice touch Crankbrothers has included on the Highline is the two-bolt quick release seat clamp. This eliminates the need to completely remove the clamp bolts to mount up your saddle.

The Highline remote touts quite a few clever features, as well. Using a unique spherical adjustment which allows for top, bottom, left or right mounting options, Crankbrothers is claiming the new remote is the “world’s most ergonomic.” With 360-degrees of rotation and 22-degrees of tilt, allowing you to pretty much mount the lever however you want, we were impressed by the amount of thought that went into its design.

Crankbrothers also put some consideration into making the Highline easy to service, which they recommend you do at least once a year. Just remove the collar, clean up the surfaces and apply a bit of Slick Honey, and you’re done.

The Highline will be available to consumers by the end of May in 125mm of travel, with 150mm and 100mm versions to follow.

Fred Robinson

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