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Bontrager's new $300 Drop Line dropper post is cable actuated with an air-sprung hydraulic cartridge inside. The post is infinitely adjustable, has an internally keyed chassis to prevent rotation, and will be available in 100, 125, and 150mm travel options this June. The posts weigh in at 565, 599, and 624g, respectively. Bontrager designed it to work well in cold temperatures, as the post will be spec'd on many of Trek's fat bikes.

We played around with the post for a few minutes, and found the action to be very smooth and precise. Picking up and pushing down on the saddle in various positions the post felt very solid, and there was just a slight amount of rotation. Provided it holds up in the long term, this post looks to be a great value.

Bontrager put a good deal of effort into dialing in the under-bar lever ergonomics. The lever design requires very minimal real estate. An over-bar option will be available separately. The more you depress the lever, the faster it goes up, allowing you to precisely dial things in on the fly.

The post features a two-bolt micro adjust head. It'll come in just the 31.6mm diameter for now, but other sizes are planned for the future.

The cable is captured/adjusted at the lever end for easier installs and swaps between bikes.

Brandon Turman


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