Interbike 2015

Shred's Soaza goggle has an interesting No Distortion technology integrated into the dual lens. Most dual lenses are made near sea level, and can distort when you go up/down in elevation due to changes in atmospheric pressure. The No Distortion system allows the air inside to equalize preventing unwanted distortion. Shred says the dual lens is better for fogging as it create a dead space barrier between the environment and your face.

It also features a no-clog foam which is submerged in a hydro repellant treatment. This is intended to help the goggles vent as best as possible in wet conditions by preventing the foam from filling with water and allowing air to still get through. The Soaza goes for $70-110, model dependent.

Also fresh from Shred is the Provocator, which has interchangeable NXT lenses. New for 2016 they are introducing No Weight versions of many of their sunglasses, which weigh far less thanks to super light, flexible frames.

Brandon Turman

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