Lay of the Land - 2016 Enduro World Series Corral, Chile

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Ritchie Rude railing ruts. -Sven Martin
Iago Garay #29ersdriftbro - Stage 4 loam. -Sven Martin
Jared Graves, head down and flying in the new colors, looking for the checkered flag. -Sven Martin
Cecil Ravanel will be the woman to beat now that Anne and Tracy aren't racing. A lot of new girls will be fighting for Top 10's with Pauline, Kelli, Meggie, Anka, Lorraine, Mary, Rosara, Valentina all missing this weekend. -Sven Martin
Pretty special race this one. Wild and natural backcountry of Chile. SRAM's John Dawson in audio. -Sven Martin
Jerome Clementz has been absolutely flying all of practice on all the stages. He seems to be pushing a lot harder than last year. We will see how it works out in the race. Dawson continues in audio. -Sven Martin
Martin Maes practicing solo mostly, but getting the job done. -Sven Martin
Luke Strobel dropping into some of the steep, off-camber slot turns on the awesome Stage 5. -Sven Martin
Cody Kelley sounds like he has it all figured out. No pressure, he will be taking it how it comes. -Sven Martin
KrunkShox ticking all the boxes on how to get into a Vital we threw him on the cover, too. -Sven Martin
Poachers the lot of them! -Sven Martin<br />
Joe Nation from New Zealand absolutely killing this turn on the final Stage 6. -Sven Martin
Allan Cooke. #doyouevenmegarampbro -Sven Martin
Francois Bailly-Maitre looking fast and sharp with already a bunch of early-season racing and wins under his belt. -Sven Martin
Boatduro. -Sven Martin
Early morning ferry rides gives Yoann Barelli time to go over his stage notes. -Sven Martin
Emo filming and Instagram filters - Chris Seager in a nutshell. -Sven Martin
Rae Morrison from New Zealand on the Factory Lapierre Enduro team. Expect her to steadily move up. -Sven Martin
Mark Scott getting outrun by the trail dog who ran 50km yesterday. -Sven Martin
Justin Leov all rehabbed and healed up on his new team. -Sven Martin
Cedric Gracia has always been a bit of a loose unit. -Sven Martin
Another loose Frenchie sliding out on Stage 2. -Sven Martin
Damien Oton loving the tracks and looking to be back on top form like two years ago. -Sven Martin
Brother Carlson kicking up a storm on the end of Stage 3. -Sven Martin
Karim Armour goes down. -Sven Martin
Isabeau Courdurier will be fighting for the podium all year. Watch this French pinner. -Sven Martin
There have definitely been less-beautiful pre-race meeting venues. -Sven Martin
Nicolas Vouilloz back at it until he wins another rainbow jersey. -Sven Martin
Yes. "Enduro Blenki" aka Marco Osbourne with two fork legs. -Sven Martin
Just over there is the finish line. Stage 6. -Sven Martin
Toothless wonder, Casey Brown, is having a tough time sick in bed all week after just one practice run. Get well. -Sven Martin
Anneke Beerten dropping some mossy rocks on the super fun and poppy Stage 2. -Sven Martin
Ahh Blenki. Everyone is speculating how he will go. I reckon *pretty damn fast* is the answer. Having no problems with the distance or liaison times. -Sven Martin
Nico Lau. His conditions. Ready for the win. -Sven Martin
Ines Thoma is always a safe bet. Solid, fast and unflustered. -Sven Martin
Practice is different for different people. Riding with your mates can't be beat! On the way to some cold beers and a swim on the last run before racing tomorrow. Krunk closes out the audio. -Sven Martin<br />
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The best enduro mountain bikers on the planet get their tires dirty on the steep, natural trails of Corral, Chile, site of the first round of the 2016 Enduro World Series. The two days of practice proved to be an eye-opener as the racers come to grips with the 200km that will be ridden during racing this weekend. The liaisons are steep, with many riders walking, and the six timed stages are steep, technical and full of variety.

Sven Martin shares the action-packed photos and candid interviews with MTB's fastest. Racing begins Saturday.

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