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Want to out brake the competition? That's what the lightweight OutBraker device claims to do. By installing the miniature hydraulic system between your brake lever and caliper, it's possible to adjust how much power is actually delivered to the caliper in a quick/fast/hard braking scenario. Why? The goal is to prevent OTB mishaps, improve traction, and ultimately reduce stopping distances.

In this photo of a demo model, note the pressure gauge values. No matter how hard you squeeze the lever, only a pre-set maximum pressure will actually be delivered to the caliper.

It's possible to adjust how much power is transmitted by inserting an allen key in the end of the OutBraker, from 0-100%. They say it's still possible to intentionally nose wheelie or endo your way around a turn, you just have to shift your weight a bit more.

OutBraker is claimed to require zero maintenance and has a lifetime warranty.

Brandon Turman


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