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Klein Designs Prototype Pedal Concept - 2016 Bike Components at Interbike - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

This Klein Designs prototype seeks to provide the same level of traction and security that clipless pedals offer, yet allow riders to remove their feet easier. It uses several honeycomb shapes that interface with an inverse profile on the bottom of the shoe. Klein is considering adding some float to the pedal to allow a little bit of heel movement. The project is live on Kickstarter for user backing. What do you think of the concept? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


Brandon Turman

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  • Christian Peper

    9/23/2015 3:01 PM

    some shoe-goo and rectangle foam and I can run my own pedals. JK cool idea.

  • yd35

    9/23/2015 7:59 AM

    I see this design becoming non-functional in the mud.

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