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X-Fusion continues to rapidly refine their latest prototype rear shock. What makes it really interesting is the use of two IFP chambers. In the last prototype that we spotted at the Lourdes World Cup and Crankworx New Zealand (shown at the bottom), the two chambers were arranged side by side. This version sees the chambers lined up concentrically with the high pressure one surrounding the low pressure, and the chambers are pre-charged with nitrogen at the factory.

Why is the concept cool? The shock starts off using the low pressure (~50psi) chamber, which provides better small bump performance and initial sensitivity. Later in the stroke is switches to the high pressure (~300psi) chamber, which adds a considerable amount of bottom out support. The blue knob allows you to choose where in the stroke that the transition takes place.

The shock also features high-speed compression, low-speed compression, and rebound adjustments. X-Fusion is shooting for a 2016 release.

Brandon Turman


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