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For 2016 FOX will say goodbye to CTD. New forks will use FOX Isolated Technology (FIT) 4 damping. Externally you'll see a new three-position on-the-fly adjuster with Open, Medium, and Firm settings. The Open mode has 22 clicks of adjustment. FOX says they focused on higher performing, more active damping that allows a highly sensitive off-the-top feel and control. From the Performance line to the Factory series, all forks in the lineup have FIT4 dampers, and all Open Cartridge dampers have been eliminated.

FIT is now in its fourth generation. It has been upgraded to the FIT RC2 10mm shaft architecture and provides increased flow for wider adjustment range. New dual circuit rebound allows more controlled return from hard hits and quicker recovery from successive impacts.

The 34 series comes with a new lighter chassis. Combined with an air spring update, the 160mm 27.5-inch version is half a pound lighter than the 2015 model at just 3.85-pounds.

Those looking for the lightest option should check out the updated 32 line for XC use.

In 2016, all 32, 34, and 40 fork models will use a new air spring that self-equalizes the positive and negative chambers with the Float shock transfer port. FOX says the result is smoother performance with reduced friction, consistent fork lengths regardless of rider weight, and less weight (125-130g savings, varies with fork model). The design is tunable with air volume spacers.

Also new for 2016 is a new 36 option with a dedicated 15mm QR axle and quickly adjustable FIT4 damper. Yes, the RC2 model will still be available, as will the chassis with the convertible 15/20mm axle. Both options retain the 36 Float air spring with internal travel adjust via spacers.

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