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As you might have already heard, Gamut recently acquired Point One Racing. In doing so, Gamut took it upon themselves to refine the already well regarded Podium Pedal platform. Taking all the strong points of the Podium 2, Gamut's take on the Podium is a sleeker, lighter and stronger platform with all the same strong points of its predecessor.

The Podium uses a forged pedal body in order to increase strength, reduce weight and bring down cost. Utilizing a tapered axle and 4 sealed bearings (3 small bearings towards the outside of the pedal with a larger one towards the spindle), the Podium pedals are fully rebuildable. With a 100x100mm concave platform that is only 10mm thick (8mm at it's thinnest point) and a very respectable weight of only 295g, Gamut is on track to have a real winner of a pedal if they prove to be as durable they claim.

The Podium pedal will be available mid-summer, 2015 for $169.95. All pedals will ship with raw alloy pins and black axles, with black alloy pins available for an additional cost. Stainless steel pins are also in the works and should be available soon after the pedal's release.

Fred Robinson


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