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Trek is on a mission to create more lifelong riders. How? The hope is that by improving the bikes available to youngsters, they'll have a better experience on the trail which will help keep the novelty and fun factor alive. The new Fuel EX Junior is a pint sized version of the adult version, and features all the same Trek technologies as dad's bike. In other words, "It's fully legit."

“Kids, man. They’ll be the ones to take mountain biking to the next level for us. You just watch.” - Gary Fisher, 2009

The photo above shows the final production model. The ground-up designed frame measures 12.5-inches, and is built for riders 4’4” – 5’ tall. It'll be available as a complete bike in June, 2015.

The 28-pound ride has 26-inch wheels. Why? For the same reason adults rock a 29er sometimes. Bigger wheels are faster, more stable, and more confidence inspiring. Plus there are more tire and component choices than the smaller options.

Custom tuned suspension from X-Fusion means the little guys (40-80 pounds) can actually use the 90mm of travel the bike provides. The shock features a two position open/lockout adjustment to keep things simple.

The fork features a lighter negative spring to ensure the full amount of travel is available with the best performance.

Shorter 160mm cranks for shorter legs with a 32x26 double chainring and a 11x36 rear cassette. It will not accommodate a dropper seatpost. A Shimano drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes round out the package.

Brandon Turman


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