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MRP's AMG guide has received a massive update for the new year. It now features a softer TPU material on the inside of the upper guide to reduce noise, and is claimed to still be durable in the long term. The guide has lost some weight as well, with many of the parts being slimmed down to just the essentials. At just 111 grams for the alloy 26-32 tooth ISCG05 version, it's definitely a contender. It's also available in a 32-38 tooth version.

The upper portion of the guide uses the same dimensions as the old AMG, so parts can be swapped around if needed. An integrated skid plate protects your expensive narrow/wide chainring while the upper guide ensures the chain will always stay put.

MRP's upper only guides have also been updated to use the same sleek and quite design. They're available in just about every mount you can think of, with some carbon thrown in as an option for those looking to save every gram possible.

Brandon Turman


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