Several clever upgrades make the new LG1+ a guide to strongly consider. The sleeker profile should make it work well with even more frames.

Knowing that not all riders want or need a full guide, the lower guide is now adjustable and removable. Capacity is 28 to 38 teeth.

The Direct Mount Bashguard (DMB) is removable and replaceable. Three sizes are included (30, 34, 38) depending on your chainring size.

The upper slider is now easy to open without tools, which should help make chainring swaps and crank removal less of a hassle.

The back of the guide features a honeycomb structure that's light but strong. An updated polycarbonate material allows the use of any chain lube without worry of cracking.

Next generation idler wheels help quiet the chainguide, as well as new comolded rubber inside the guide.

TRS+ guides have also been updated and share the same upper guide as the LG1+. Expect some trickle down to other guides in the next year.

Brandon Turman

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