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Birzman is always looking to make working on your bike simpler, faster, and more convenient, and their new Snap-It Apogee pump head does just that. The head can be used with both Presta/Schrader valves easily - simply push/pull the head to the correct setting. In the past it was necessary to unthread part of the valve for Schrader use.

In Schrader mode, the pump features a zero loss air-lock, allowing you to use any Snap-It Apogee equipped pump on your suspension as well.

The Snap-It system is unique in that it requires such little effort to use. It also won't blow off under high pressures, and accidental valve core removal isn't an issue due to the design.

Moving forward, the new Apogee head will be used across the entire Birzman line of pumps, including hand pumps.

Brandon Turman


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