Leatt's new helmet combines 3D in-molded "V-foam" and "360º Turbine technology." Multi-density impact foam is designed for both medium and high-energy impacts where the V shaped structure deforms and compresses upon impact, absorbing and reducing g-forces transferred to the head.

360º Turbines are donut shaped discs constructed of Armourgel that are strategically placed throughout the helmet to maximize low energy impact absorption and protect against multiple impacts. They can deform in all directions and also allow for controlled head movement within the helmet that reduces brain-related injuries by displacing forces across the head. Leatt says initial lab tests showed a 30%-50% reduction in energy transferred to the head as a result. With this technology, Leatt is able to attain a closer fit between the helmet shell and the head, thus resulting in less helmet rotation on impact.

These helmets also feature 16 large vents, hydration ready lower chin bar, low-friction cheek pads for emergency removal, moisture-wicking and breathable anti-microbial snap-out liners, and optimized neck brace compatibility.

Brandon Turman
2015 Mountain Bike Apparel & Protection at Eurobike 2014

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