Giro announced a partnership with MIPS, introducing five new helmets that integrate the Swedish Multi-directional Impact Protection System. MIPS is designed to help reduced rotational forces on the brain in case of non-linear impact (argued to be the most frequently occurring type of mountain biking crash), which the two companies claim significantly reduces the risk of severe brain injury.

Giro’s “Feature” trail helmet gets a new color in addition to MIPS. Giro will charge a EUR 20 premium on its MIPS-equipped helmets compared to the standard base models.  

This is where the MIPS magic happens – a low friction layer sits between the rider’s head and the traditional EPS foam layer. The low friction layer allows the helmet to rotate in a controlled manner during the critical few milliseconds when rotational forces could otherwise be transmitted to the brain.

Johan Hjord
2015 Mountain Bike Apparel & Protection at Eurobike 2014

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