Rob Warner, 2015 British Downhill Series Finals, Antur Stiniog 1

Before we get to the legit race coverage from the final round of the 2015 British Downhill Series, let's pause to enjoy this moment. Rob Warner made a bet with Lee Bertram that whichever of the two was slowest in the #BDSLegends race would have the race time of the quicker man tattooed onto his bum. The rest of the Legends, well-aware of the bet, hatched a plan to slow Warner down, and drenched him in beer and Cava near the bottom. The result was that only Lee and Rob finished their race runs and the rest of the field received a DNF. Rob came second. Keep an eye out on his Instagram for some new ass art! #oldguysrule...back to the show.
Dan Hearn Photography


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