Marin Quad Link and ISOTRAC

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Marin Quad Link and ISOTRAC - 2014 Trail, All-Mountain & Enduro Bikes at Eurobike 2013 - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

Marin’s line up has undergone a dramatic redesign for 2014, centered around the development of 2 new suspension platforms. One is a radical evolution of its Quad Link system, which is meant to offer increased small bump sensitivity with a more progressive stroke towards the end of the travel. The second is a new a pivot- and rocker-based system called ISOTRAC. For ISOTRAC, Marin has replaced one pivot with a flexible seat stay, to provide a lighter and simpler system suitable for shorter travel applications. The reason for undertaking this whole suspension development effort was principally the need for more flexibility in suspension design – these 2 new platforms give Marin’s engineers more freedom to play with leverage curves and pivot placement than with the previous iteration of the Quad Link.

Credit: Johan Hjord
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