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X-Fusion Metric and RV1 Forks - Sea Otter Classic Pit Bits - 2013 Sea Otter Classic Pit Bits - 3rd Edition - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB
X-Fusion is stepping up their game! In addition to a 650B enduro fork dubbed the Metric, they finally have a dual crown DH fork ready for production called the RV1. The RV1 features 180-200mm of coil-sprung travel, an open bath damping circuit, and both 26 and 650b compatibility at 6.1-pounds. The 180mm single crown Metric uses the same lower casting, will come in internal and external (DLA) travel adjust options, weighs 5-pounds, and is air sprung. Pricing is set at $1000 for the Metric and $1300 for the RV1. Expect them to drop in September.
Credit: Spomer
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  • Big Bird

    4/25/2013 5:46 AM

    It's a long time coming. Things are heating up in the DH market. Now maybe the prices will start to come down?

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