2011 UCI World Champs 4X Qualifying and DH Practice

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4X qualifying takes place and top riders struggle with mechanicals and mishaps, but they all make the show. Downhill proved to be slick, but fun as the course conditions continue to change in Champery.
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  • William42

    9/2/2011 12:42 PM

    I agree on the text - white on white sucks, and its not uncommon for me to spend more time trying to figure out the text then looking at the picture, and then I miss the picture. The problem lays in the fact that the pictures are consistently stellar, and the captions are consistently enlightening or at least witty, making it hard to miss either.

    But that said, everything that Ian collins said is correct.

  • FlyingIrish

    9/2/2011 1:47 AM

    Sometimes that text is really hard to read...

  • Bonnie_Miller

    9/2/2011 12:57 AM

    Yeh LEAR !!!!!!!!!

  • Ian Collins

    9/1/2011 11:20 PM

    phenomenal work as always, and gary, i still love the rut shots....nothing "tired" about them....checking photos the two of you have shot has literally been the first thing i do when i get home from work every WC race week/weekend....thanks for making us all truly feel like we're there!


    9/1/2011 11:06 PM

    YEAH LEAR!!!

  • bturman

    9/1/2011 10:48 PM

    The lift vid and Gary's pic did a great job of showing how steep it is. Great work, guys!

  • Pininator

    9/1/2011 10:35 PM

    I stared @ Neethling's bike for no less than 3min!!!

    Some gratuitous shots...that clip of the lift gave me vertigo-and-a-half! Thanks, as always!!!

  • trailripper

    9/1/2011 8:42 PM

    Love the STACKS of beer in the GT pit's. Awesome!!

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