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2010 Trek Session 8 Downhill Bike - 2010 Trek Session 8 - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

Welcome to summer! Trek was gracious enough to send over this killer 2010 Trek Session 8 downhill bike for some long-term testing this summer. This beauty is going to get ridden proper at SolVista Bike Park, where I'm living for the next 2 months. Take a gander at the photos and details of the bike and stay tuned for how things go with this killer, budget-minded complete bike.

You can also research, rate and review the Session 8 right here.

Credit: gordo
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2010 Trek Session 8

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  • proposition joe

    5/23/2010 5:51 PM

    Yo SV bitches........Team hate is here to shred the verbal gnar!.
    Put your lips together and start blowing.
    A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go,Heigh ho, the dairy-o, a hunting we will go!

  • sspomer

    5/23/2010 8:46 AM

    i weighed it with some mud on the tires and it was 39.5lbs out of the box. sick!

  • veach

    5/21/2010 4:20 PM

    I like everything but the graphics. Not that they should matter, but I like last years look a bit better than this years. Should be a fun bike for ya Spoons! Stoked to see the footage of you at Sol Vista! yes.. you!

  • MattPatt

    5/21/2010 2:13 PM

    I've been loving mine.

  • sspomer

    5/21/2010 11:19 AM

    and don't fret, this is straight out of the box, i'm going to cut down the steer tube.

  • bturman

    5/21/2010 11:16 AM

    Sick. Spomer is gonna be a pinnnnnnner by the end of the summer!

  • ahawks1

    5/21/2010 10:56 AM

    Love the Session 8... I plan to get one ASAP

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