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Valve Revolution: New Schwalbe Clik Valve Makes Inflating Child's Play 5

New SCV valve to become the new industry standard in the medium term.

There have always been new pump heads, but nobody has dared to tackle the root of many problems for over a hundred years: Schwalbe is now presenting a revolution for bicycle valves with the SCHWALBE CLIK VALVE (SCV). In contrast to Presta, Dunlop or Schrader valves, inflating bicycle tires is finally child‘s play thanks to an intuitive click system. And in the truest sense of the word, because John Quintana‘s aim when he invented the system was for his children to be able to inflate their own bicycle tires. He was annoyed by the fact that it was simply too complicated for them with the “old” valves (both technically and for reasons of space on the children‘s bike).

Quintana tried out prototypes of the click system with his children, who became enthusiastic testers. The new Schwalbe CLIK VALVE is set to become the new industry standard in the medium term. The associated pump head can be clicked onto the valve with little force and removed again very easily after successful inflating - handling couldn‘t be easier. The entire operation is possible with just two fingers.

There is no longer any risk of air loss, and signs of wear on the pump head are a thing of the past. This is because the function of the pump head remains constant (with other pumps it deteriorates with time/use). For tubeless use, the Schwalbe CLIK VALVE offers another huge additional advantage, as the air flow rate is 50% higher compared to the previously used SV valve.

As a first step, Schwalbe offers conversion kits for all existing valves and most pumps. All you have to do is replace the valve insert (Schraeder, Dunlop, tubeless valve) and there is an adapter for car type valves. This must be screwed over the valve and can also be unscrewed again - so it is still possible to fill the tire with air at petrol stations.

The pump head adapter can be integrated into the pump head of current pumps (by clamping or screwing it in), which also applies to hand pumps. The SCHWALBE CLIK VALVE can also be inflated with normal SV pumps - so thanks to this reverse compatibility, you are never at a loss in any situation. The conversion kit includes the pump head adapter or pump head (depending on your choice) as well as a newly designed dust cap. As a leading manufacturer of bicycle accessories, SKS will already be offering its own pump at Eurobike. Other pump manufacturers will follow.

Schwalbe will soon be producing its first tubes with the new SCHWALBE CLIK VALVE.

How exactly does the conversion work?

At the valve:
SV+DV: Simply unscrew the current valve insert (tool for SV is included) and screw in the SCHWALBE CLIK VALVE by hand, and the valve is ready.

AV: The adapter for the SCHWALBE CLIK VALVE can simply be screwed onto the car valve.

On the pump: Simply integrate the adapter into the AV pump head (clamp or screw in). The pump is then ready to “CLIK".

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