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TranzX Announces New $499 Wireless Dropper Post 13

Wireless, and less money.

May 22nd, 2023 - TranzX, one of the largest original equipment manufacturers in the world, today announced their new EDP01 Wireless Dropper Post, shipping direct to consumers for $499 USD. For more than 30 years TranzX has been designing and manufacturing bicycle components focusing on practicality and quality. TranzX first entered the direct to consumer North American market in 2020 via the support of Sacramento, CA based distributor Dialed Distribution.

Beyond affordability, the all-new EDP01 wireless dropper post boasts one of the shortest post lengths at 260mm (collar to base on the 170mm post). This allows for more compatibility across more bikes, providing the ability to utilize the maximum benefit of the post’s travel. 


The EDP01 is available in both 30.9mm & 31.6mm diameters with either 170mm or 200mm travel options. As a wireless option, the EDP01 focuses on simplicity, value, and reliability. 

The EDP01 Wireless Dropper Post is immediately available to customers in the US, Canada, and Mexico. To learn more about TranzX products available in North America visit

About TranzX

Since 1992, TranzX has been a leader in components manufacturing, dedicated to serving the rapidly evolving needs of the bicycle industry.

About Dialed Distribution

Helping the outdoor industry navigate the modern age of commerce by offering sales, marketing, product design and order fulfillment services.


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