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Transition Launches All-New TR11 2

It still goes to 11.

The TR11’s DNA has a healthy strain of big freeride hits, DH speed and bike park inspiration. It will help you live all of your gravity fed dreams with the confidence of a 29” wheel up front while not giving up the flickability on jumps or in tight corners with a 27.5” wheel out back.


This bike was designed to let you party on the trails rather than worry about the small details. The new TR11 frame is aluminum, so throw it in the truck or blast through a rock garden without hesitation. It has shown its capability and versatility on the biggest lines in Alaska, RedBull Rampage, the UCI World Cup DH series, Whistler bikepark and pretty much everything in between.


The rebirthed TR11 won’t pigeonhole you into one discipline, so can revel in the world of gravity fed adventures.

TR11_Supporting_Graphics_1.jpg?VersionId=XkgwgSbWEsnLLqLTbNZAsQKlp_aYYrt2&itok=VcY73hnY TR11_Supporting_Graphics_2.jpg?VersionId=pGAB5o1Tzn0bjnaIhLSJBWQn_C_q42Vt&itok=49fYH_mv TR11_Supporting_Graphics_3.jpg?VersionId=zQjkUPYkB0dA1ckGMLMWSNnLqcWmVICT&itok=M-8hKPgG TR11_Supporting_Graphics_4.jpg?VersionId=L5TF3Wiz8ap.PTnIiFyp.67vBYNsmjYG&itok=5EkFa96n TR11_Supporting_Graphics_5.jpg?VersionId=s_9YMMi6JgK64e88g9WbOt.grmL.dHGv&itok=owAJMsMy
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Misty Green Color

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