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Tektro Launches New S05E Brake Rotor 3

10% increased deceleration rate and enhanced temperature stability for peak performance.

TRP Cycling Components is proud to announce the release of their newest rotor, the S05E, available in 203mm and 220mm sizes (2.3mm thickness). Boasting a 10% increased deceleration rate and enhanced temperature stability, the new rotor is engineered to deliver peak performance in the most demanding riding conditions.

“I’ve been using the new TRP rotors now for almost a year and instantly noticed a sharper lever feel when you first initially pull the lever. As a racer your braking points are super important and this is a huge help when you‘re braking at the last second.”  - Oisin O‘Callaghan, YT MOB

Deceleration Rate (Numbers From 40nm of Lever Force in Chart Title)

The results were obtained by evaluating an optimized ratio of smaller laser-cut holes, enabling the rotor to reach optimal temperature rapidly and cool down efficiently. This attribute is crucial for downhill and heavy trail riding, where quick transitions between ascent and descent demand responsive braking performance.

Negative To Positive Space Ratio

During descents, the S05E rotor maintains a consistent temperature, ensuring reliable performance throughout the ride. Its ability to dissipate heat efficiently prevents overheating, allowing riders to maintain control and confidence on the trail. In high-performance riding scenarios characterized by rapid brake activations, the S05E rotor minimizes heat buildup over extended rides, delivering sustained performance and reliability.

“The simple way to put it, this rotor comes up to heat faster and is more stable in temperature over descent due to a more equal distribution of positive and negative space (open and solid areas) on the rotor.” - Colin Esquibel, TRP-Engineer

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