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Tannus Releases a New Modular Tubeless Insert 11

The Fusion System was designed for ultimate rim protection and sidewall stability.

Introducing the most advanced tubeless insert system. A combination of tunability and rim protection that pushes your ride feel to a new level. The All-New Tannus Fusion Insert is composed of 2 sections, the LITE and the PRO, that when combined together offers ultimate Rim Protection and Sidewall Support.



Increased Traction: Tannus tubeless tire inserts allow the rider to use lower tire pressures. When using a tire without inserts, low tire pressures means rim strikes and folding in the corners. Tannus provides crucial sidewall support and rim protection so you can ride worry free at low pressures.

Rim Protection: Tannus comes in 3 different thicknesses. The LITE at 10mm, The PRO at 20mm, and the FUSION at 30mm.

Two Compression Chambers: The unique two channel design of the PRO and FUSION allows for two zones of compression. This provides a more lively feel in rough terrain instead of dead spots.

Ride Flat Technology: Both the PRO and FUSION inserts allow you to ride even when you do get a flat. Get the support you need to make it back to the car.

Ribbed Design: The new ribbed design is the basis for the FUSION system. When combining the LITE and PRO, the ribs lock into place to insure zero rolling friction between the two inserts.

Tunability: The all-new FUSION system lets you decide your tire feel. From DH bikes to XC, fusion offers unique protection for every discipline.

Pricing starts at $49/insert.
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