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Soum Espade is a Bespoke, Full Suspension Bike, Hand-Crafted in the French Pyrenees

Your next bike, made just for you.

When you arrive in the Hautes-Pyrénées and start reading the maps to go for a trip in the mountains, some words come up regularly: la hount, le pic, le cap, l'estivère, la pène, la coume...mysteries from ancient times, which allowed us to find our way in this environment. The Soum designates a rounded summit which adorns the mountain range. Unlike the Pic, it is more discreet and is located more in the foothills.

As a mountain lover, I naturally chose this name, which allows the manufacturing to be anchored locally. Soum's vocation is to reappropriate know-how and manufacturing techniques to meet needs around mobility. With current issues (global warming, resource limits, etc.), we need to rethink the "production" of goods, slow down the pace.

Convinced that the means of mobility of the future are cycling and walking, production must be local and controlled. We must invent the industry of tomorrow, why not a low-tech and artisanal industry? Soum frames are made of high quality steel, for dynamic riding that smooths the terrain. A durable material that does not age! A bike thought and designed to last.

The Espade

The Espade is a bespoke bike, like the entire SOUM range. Each Espade is designed for you: wheel sizes, geometry, kinematics, travel...all bikes are unique and are numbered.

The bike has four suspension positions which allows you to adjust the settings according to your needs: MX or 29 inch, progressive or more. The rear wheel travel depends on the rear shock stroke: From 145mm to 165mm. For standards, I prefer use classic standard like BSA73, ZS44, 30.9mm seat tube, etc.

Frame only weight: 3.6kg for equivalent size L
Price: 2699 € frame only, 3500€ with Fast Fenix rear shock

Size and Geometry Options

For the Espade, the focus was on simplicity and performance, offering a minimalist and efficient bike made in the Pyrénées. A dynamic bike that offers a maximum of grip and adapts to all kinds of trails. For more information, head on over to


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