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SENDY Creates Community-Driven Marketplace for Adventure Sports

Co-founded by snowboarder Travis Rice and MTB freerider Cam Zink, SENDY supports the buying, selling and renting of gear on one easy-to-use app.

Truckee, CA (January 11, 2023)—SENDY brings the efficiencies of the sharing economy to adventure sports with a new community-driven, marketplace app. In a win-win for those who love the outdoors, SENDY creates an online gear hub where users can buy, sell and rent curated adventure sports equipment and technical clothing. Co-founded by pro snowboarder Travis Rice and pro freerider Cam Zink, SENDY aims to minimize the environmental impact of and expand access to adventure sports.

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"The problem is not that we don’t have enough things, it’s that those things are inefficiently distributed. We have the power to change this forever," said Cam Zink, pro freeride mountain biker and co-founder of SENDY.

SENDY is designed to get more people outside, connecting with each other, the natural world and adventure. The intuitive app brings a familiar, easy-to-navigate platform that makes posting gear for sale and renting gear simple for both retailers and individuals. It also supports easily shipping gear once sold and features safeguards to protect the buyer and seller.

Travis Rice has been posting gear straight from his gear shed for the last month to SENDY, often selling items within 24 hours. Since launch thousands of users have been enjoying the ease of use and growing selection of gear. Every single piece of gear that finds a new home helps someone chase their dreams, drop into their bodies and focus on what matters,” says Travis Rice, pro snowboarder and co-founder of SENDY.

With the gear-heavy winter season here it’s the perfect time to hop on the app and share. And following the year’s biggest exchange of gear (the holidays), SENDY makes passing on gear that will no longer be in regular rotation, while it is still fresh. And helps to easily find the final pieces for your kit in the curated SENDY marketplace.

The app allows users to share the items they post to Instagram stories with one click to ensure that the curated gear on SENDY can reach new communities  and find new homes. SENDY’s friends and Ambassadors are jump-starting the community’s growth with an early focus on snowsports and categories including cycle, hike & camp, mountain bike, skate, snowboard, ski, surf, climb, fish, moto, paddle, run, wake and more.


Established in 2022, by co-founders snowboarder Travis Rice and freerider Cam Zink, SENDY  is an online marketplace and gear hub that lets users Buy, Sell and Rent Adventure Sports equipment anywhere in North America. It is designed with the vision of getting more people outside, more people connecting with each other, the natural world, and their own true nature. Learn more at

SENDY was developed by Ukrainian programmers who worked through war under harrowing conditions to make SENDY a reality. SENDY stands with Ukraine.

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