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Roval Launches the New Control SL Team Wheelset

The new XC wheels are not only incredibly light but can handle 33% more force than the closest competitor. They come in an inclusive box that includes a set of S-Works tires, a wheel bag, extra spokes, an extra free hub body, and more.

To be the Fastest. What does it mean to an XC racer? How can a wheelset contribute to this simple goal? The Roval R&D team and their World Cup racers took three years to explore, test, and ultimately answer these questions.

Turns out, “Fastest” is pretty simple. It means getting from the start line to the finish line in less time than anyone else. When it comes to the wheelset, it’s gotta be light so it winds-up fast and climbs like a scared cat. Good thing that at 1,190 grams the Control SL Team is the lightest production XC wheel ever made.

The fastest wheels need to be durable wheels, ‘cause courses aren’t getting less technical and walking to the finish line is slow. Control SL Team wheels take 33% more force to fail than our closest competitor. Check. Finally, fast wheels need to boost control. This is tricky, as it boils down to achieving specific vertical compliance targets for traction, while increasing lateral rigidity that translates to steering precision. Once again, the Control SL Team wheels are in a class of their own on this front.

How did they do it, you ask? Read on.

The Lightest XC Wheels in the World

The Control SL Team wheelset is the lightest production wheels on the planet, weighing in at 1,190g.

To reach their weight target, they optimized the rim shape and layup, and carved weight out of the hubs; but the biggest weight savings came from the revolutionary carbon spokes. After a three-year process involving exhaustive material science research, prototyping, and extensive testing in the field and lab, they landed on an optimized carbon fiber spoke that’s not only 29% lighter than its steel counterpart, it’s also stronger and more durable.

After developing and testing 36 different variations, they created hubs that shed grams while interfacing perfectly with 20 of their straight-pull carbon spokes laced in a 2-cross pattern, front and rear.

Ride at the Speed of Control

You can’t go fast if you’re out of control. Control SL Team earns its name by hitting optimal stiffness targets that provide World Cup winning steering precision and traction. The rims and carbon spokes are optimized for lateral stiffness creating predictable steering so the rider hits the line they intend to. This, combined with just right torsional compliance, allows the rider to track the terrain faithfully and maximize traction.

To achieve this optimal vertical compliance and lateral rigidity, they developed 15 rim layups and wheel configurations with varying lateral, radial, torsional, and wind-up stiffness characteristics. These wheels went to each of their elite racers for long-term, back-to-back testing. After aligning on nuanced vocabulary to express their experience, we used their feedback to guide the final configuration.

Failure is Not an Option

Control SL Team wheels are simply unmatched in durability and performance. With 33% more force to fail than their closest competitors, they deliver the durability you need for speed on modern, aggressive courses.

This unprecedented durability is born from the new carbon spokes, but also the rim shape which allows riders to “risk it for the biscuit.” The engineered, flat-top bead shape almost entirely removes the threat of pinch flats, allowing riders to run their preferred air-pressure with 100% confidence.

Welcome to the Fastest

For riders looking for the absolute fastest wheels in the world through the highest level of control, durability, and ultra-light performance in an XC race wheelset, Control SL Team is the one. This hand-built wheelset will only be available once in extremely limited quantities.

Inside Your Exclusive Box

  • Ti Rotor Bolts
  • End Caps and End Cap Tool
  • Microspline Freehub Body (stock with XD)
  • SINC Bearings
  • Roval Branded Dynaplug Racer Pro + extra set of plugs
  • Spoke Kit (20 total)
  • Premium Double Wheel Bag
  • 1 S-Works Fast Trak 29 x 2.35 & 1 S-Works Renegade Tire 29 x 2.35
  • 2 Custom Roval Water Bottles
  • Personalized letters from S-Racing Riders
  • MSRP: $3,300 USD


How much do these wheels weigh?
1,190g per wheel set with tape and valves.

Are the spokes proprietary?
Yes, these were developed by engineers.

What happens if I break a spoke?
Due to the limited nature of these wheels, each wheel set comes with replacement spokes to ensure that riders are covered in the event that they break a spoke. Additional support can be sought out from Rider Care.

Are Carbon spokes durable?
Absolutely. In both lab and field testing, Control SL Team and carbon spoke performed better than Control SL which uses steel bladed spokes. Riders will want to ensure that any maintenance performed on these wheels is done by a professional mechanic who is familiar with the product or has consulted the user manual for specific instructions on how to tension these wheels.

Do I need a special tool to tension my spokes?
These wheels should be serviced by a professional mechanic at your local Specialized Retailer.

How do I maintain my hub?
The hub shell is specially designed to work with the carbon spokes as a system. The internals, however, are still DT Swiss. Each wheel set includes a replacement set of bearings for the front and rear hubs for rider convenience.

Can I run a Shimano Drivetrain?
Yes. All wheel sets will ship with a Microspline free hub body, so if you plan to put these on a bike that has a Shimano drivetrain, you do not have to obtain any additional parts. Simply pull the XD freehub that comes standard on the hub off, and replace with the Microspline that is included.

Are these really the same wheels used by S-Racing?
Yes. Every wheel built by Roval, whether it is for their race teams or for regular riders, is built by the same wheel builders.

Can I buy a replacement Roval Dynaplug tool?
Unfortunately, at this time they will not be offering this. These are specially made for this wheel set. 

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