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Ridewrap Launches World's First Protection Film Made from Recycled Materials 4

Made from 77% recycled materials, RideWrap's new film has both superhydrophobic and self-healing properties.

WHISTLER, BRITISH COLUMBIA (Spring 2024) - Innovators in the paint protection film industry, RideWrap is excited to announce the launch of the world’s first bicycle-specific protection film made from 77% recycled materials with embedded superhydrophobic ceramic and self-healing properties.

Everyone that rides a bike does it for a reason and has a certain motivation that drives them. At RideWrap we’re all riders too. We do what we do to preserve our playgrounds and do our part for the environment. We do it for you, so you can Ride More and Worry Less. We do it for cycling!


Introducing RideWrap’s Lotus Pro 10 Protection Film. The latest bicycle-specific protection film with embedded superhydrophobic ceramic and self-healing capabilities and the first paint protection film in the world made from 77% recycled materials.

RideWrap’s revolutionary Lotus Pro 10 film consists of 3 key layers, each designed specifically for bicycles:

Top Layer - Superhydrophobic TPU Topcoat:
The Superhydrophobic top layer is embedded with advanced ceramic technologies making it extremely easy to clean. This layer also possesses self-healing properties which means light scuffs and marks will disappear with gentle heat - like the sun. Simply put, this layer keeps your bike looking better for longer.

RideWrap Lotus Pro 10 film comes in either a matte or gloss finish which is determined by the topcoat layer. The matte finish of the new Lotus Pro 10 film is the best match to factory matte bicycle paints in the world. It has a lower gloss value (measured in gloss units “GU”) compared to other films allowing colors to look the smoothest and have the lowest level of sheen possible.

Their gloss finish has a super high gloss value which exceeds other films on the market and adds extra pop and vibrancy to your bike’s paint finish.

Middle Layer - TPU Durability Structure:
With the launch of Lotus Pro 10 film, RideWrap brings the only true 10 mil thickness (1000th of an inch) film to market. By ‘true’ it means it’s exactly that and isn’t a rounded-up value. This makes the new Lotus Pro film more durable without compromising ease of application. It has been designed from the ground up to help better dissipate impact energy and is specifically crafted to shield against low-velocity, high-mass projectiles.

Base Layer - Acrylic Adhesive Layer:
Lotus Pro film’s adhesive layer works better with all bicycle paint systems. It has improved adhesion on rough, matte-painted surfaces and fits flawlessly around the tight radiuses and curves that are commonly found on bikes. Installation is easier than ever and will last longer. For extra reassurance, RideWrap’s Lotus Pro adhesive is designed to be gentle on bicycle paint and clear coats if it is removed.

Lotus Pro uses embedded ceramic technologies that mimic the self-cleaning properties of the lotus leaf. Due to the superhydrophobicity of Lotus Pro film, dirt particles are picked up by water droplets and repelled from the surface as if floating on a cushion of air. This allows them to roll off the surface easily, making it extremely easy to clean and keep your bike looking better for longer.


Lotus Pro 10 film, as of today, is used for 318,496 protection kit options in the RideWrap database as well as their bulk film products. A database that is the fastest growing in the industry and with the most current bike models available. This includes the Tailored Protection, Covered Protection, Essential Protection and Fork Protection Kits, as well as their all-new Creator Protection Kits.

The Process
RideWrap has always used top-quality materials to craft protection kits. Over time, they discovered specific characteristics they wanted in a film to create the best bike protection products possible. Despite searching extensively, they couldn't find the perfect solution, so they developed their own. In 2022, they introduced the world's first protection film designed specifically for bicycles, and ever since have looked to innovate further and improve their technology and products.

During the R&D process, they focused on what sets their product apart from the typical films designed primarily for the automotive world. Automotive films are made to protect from a low-mass object impacting at high velocity. However, bicycles generally face the opposite scenario, a large mass object impacting at low velocities. The core challenge for the material is different.

So, at RideWrap they engineered a film specifically for bikes with enhanced impact and abrasion resistance, optimized thickness, exceptional clarity and finish, and superior adhesion with stain-resistant, self-healing and superhydrophobic properties, all backed by a 10-year guarantee against yellowing or cracking. They made it a mission to push the boundaries of technology by fine-tuning every layer of their film to improve and make it work even better. From the beginning they have been dedicated to levelling up and further differentiating RideWrap from the rest of the market.

Lotus Pro and the Sustainability Journey
As a company of riders who play outside, it was vital for them to push forward on their sustainability journey. They want to maximize their resources while minimizing their effect on the planet, and are excited that Lotus Pro film is now able to help play a key part. With the development of Lotus Pro, RideWrap delivers a film to riders that is made from 77% landfill-diverted materials, a world first for the paint protection industry. All RideWrap packaging is made from recycled materials and we’ve reduced our carbon footprint by setting up production hubs around the world to reduce distance travelled by high carbon-producing transport methods.

They’ve implemented waste reduction systems across all of their processes and partnered with the right organizations to give back to the environment.

These milestones mark progress in RideWrap’s ongoing journey to craft a more sustainable product and reduce impact on the environment.

You can find Lotus ProTM Worldwide via, dealers, and distributors.

All products available in Matte or Gloss.


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