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The Reincarnated ASR - A Lot Like Nothing Else 3

A modern XC bike for an evolving discipline.

A decade ago we peaced out of the Lycra game, while we were busy getting down. XC got a lot more X, calling for the comeback of a legend, flashing a crazy-light, zero-redundant carbon layup that's far beyond the previously possible. Featuring 115mm of flex stay suspension for 100% usable travel, and energy saving small-bump compliance. Helping today's racers be faster where they have to be, on first blush it may appear to have peers, but don't get it twisted, the reincarnated ASR is a lot like nothing else.


The new ASR marks the most extensive carbon project we've ever tackled. We've never made a lighter full-suspension bike but that's just half the story. It brings proper suspension to proper mountain bike racing. The kind that takes skill, not just lungs.

Made For The Winning World

The ASR is back to win at today’s World Cup level. Super light and radically responsive with all the pedaling efficiency? Check. But that’s just XC table stakes. The bike for modern XC needs modern geometry that’s just as stable tipping it over at 45 km/h as it excels on chest high drops and hugging the inside line on the steepest switchback climb.


Puts riders in a power position to efficiently spin, evenly weight the wheels for traction, and transition more smoothly from saddle to full-throttle sprinting.

Modern XC rewards brilliant passing, which takes brilliant cornering. The ASR’s forward-bias geometry delivers responsive steering and predictable characteristics to slash fast.

A bottom-bracket positioned high enough to pedal through rock gardens, but low enough to sit below the axles for rail-like cornering thanks to that coveted, “in bike” feel.

Tuned and Leveraged To Win
With 30% sag (yes, you read right), and a nearly linear leverage rate that compliments short-stroke shocks, small bumps and trail chatter dissolve. What’s left is a sprint efficient suspension, that also delivers 100% usable travel to meet the features and fringes on today’s XC courses.

  • Custom-tuned SIDLuxe FA, SIDLuxe ULT, and SID Luxe Select
  • Yeti developed Compression stack and custom volume architecture to increase small bump compliance without sacrificing deep stroke control
  • 40mm shock stroke optimizes compression ratio to reduce end of stroke harshness inherent in small volume shocks. Higher compression ratios can prevent the rider from using full travel
  • Flight Attendant controlled lockout lets you focus on the race on our T-Series Ultimate build
  • 3-Position TwistLoc Lockout on T-Series and C-Series upgrade builds

Zero Redundant Carbon
Custom ply shapes, critical material choice, intelligent draping methods, and smooth transitions between every carbon ply have eliminated redundant carbon, giving radical strength for super lightweight. Such a boundary pushing schedule driven from in-depth carbon analysis tools marks a Yeti first.

  • 36 unique layups during development
  • 1448 grams: frame without shock - T-Series wireless
  • 1552 Grams: frame without shock - T-Series

It's What's Not Inside That Counts
We wanted to kill carbon redundancy everywhere, not just where it was easy. Our 20+ years of carbon fiber experience told us we could remove solid volume at pivots and still exceed the demands of XC, with no downside on performance or bearing life. Slimmed, solid-carbon dropouts cradle the axle with far less carbon for the same strength. More efficiency, better responsiveness, less weight. In contrast to conventional pivot-placement methodology for longer travel applications, the ASR’s pivot points are positioned so that existing tubing walls make up a significant portion of their shape and structure. To further reduce redundant carbon, and save weight.


Size-Specific Stiffness. Fine-tuned.
Another goal was to engineer each frame for the same ride characteristics to give every rider the same feel, regardless of size. Every ASR frame has size-specific carbon schedules tuning at a much more sensitive level, and accurately matching torsional stiffness and chassis-flex profiles too. Tedious? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.

A Legacy of Flex

The year was 2003 – our flex stay design was a decades ahead approach to XC full suspension. Today, the reincarnated ASR considers the relationships between leverage rate, link size, material properties of the carbon layup and modern short stroke shocks to deliver responsive, efficient, and astonishingly light XC-specific suspension.


Dedicated Wireless Frame. Eliminates Routing, Saving Weight
T-Series Ultimate build features a dedicated frame optimized for modern, wireless drivetrains. In the process, we deliver the lightest frame in the ASR line-up by eliminating unnecessary cable ports.


Room For Two Water Bottles Inside The Frame
Room for two water bottles keeps racers fueled for the biggest efforts.
XS: 21oz on seat tube, 15oz on down tube
S-XL: 21oz on seat tube, 24oz on down tube

Custom Integrated Chainguide
Our custom, proprietary designed chainguide mounts efficiently into the lower pivot bolt for a lightweight, clean and effective solution.
28-36t Max (38t MD-XL) chainring compatibility.

Internal Lockout Routing Keeps Sprint Efficiency Tidy
Working in conjunction with our secure cable port system, internal routing allow for a clean integration with the RockShox 3-Position TwistLoc lockout system.

Ample Tire Clearance For Modern Full-Volume Rubber
Clearance for a 2.4 tire with 30mm internal rims provides maximum traction and ride quality.

Chasing Grams
Once we achieved our desired kinematics, we looked at how to shed weight with our link. This quest turned the one-piece 7075 aluminum alloy link on T-Series frames into a structurally rigid exoskeleton, as functional as it is sculptural. The ASR rear axle has been refined to shave excess grams without sacrificing stiffness.

Integrated Frame Protection
On the muddiest race days, the integrated rear fender keeps debris from impeding suspension movement. Weighing next to nothing, it’s a frame feature you’ll barely notice how big of a difference it makes, if it’s gone. To protect against rock strikes, the ASR features a replaceable downtube guard. Inset within the protector is our cable access door, facilitating easy service access to internally routed cables.

Threaded Bottom Bracket
Threaded aluminum bottom bracket shell. This critical drivetrain interface is now more durable, cleaner, and easier to service.

Cable Management
Secure clamp closures and grommets at frame entry and exits eliminates rattles and keeps grit from entering the frame. Privateers will appreciate external brake routing from bar to frame, eliminating the need to bleed brakes after travel.

Hangerless Interface
Hangerless Interface creates the strongest and most precise shifting by allowing T-Type derailleurs to mount directly to the wheel axle and grip both sides of the frame. But Hangerless Interface is also perfect for legacy drivetrains, thanks to the included Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH).

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2024 ASR Highlights

T Series Wireless

  • RockShox SID Ultimate 3-Position Flight Attendant and
  • RockShox SIDLuxe Ultimate 3-Position Flight Attendant shock
  • RockShox Reverb AXS dropper post
  • SRAM XX SL Transmission drivetrain with power meter
  • DT Swiss XRC1200 wheels
  • ESI Chunky grips
  • Wireless Only Frame
  • 1448g (Frame No shock) 1813g (Frame and shock)

T2 / T3

  • RockShox SID Ultimate 3P and RockShox SIDLuxe
  • Ultimate 3P shock with TwistLoc ULT remote lockout
  • Fox Transfer SL dropper post
  • 180mm front and 160mm rear rotors
  • 1552g (Frame No shock) 1830g (Frame and shock)

C Series

  • 1727g (Frame No shock) 1985g (Frame and shock}
Frame HighlightsASR GeometryASR TURQ.png?VersionId=qk.ZGwdFM xtb0TLE5b2uUflASR TURQ 2.png?VersionId=BZ1U0rY4NGMh.AZuJIzFB1Wh4vyASR C SeriesASR Weight Charts

DT Swiss XRC 1200 Spline Wheelset
Yeti Cycles is proud to be one of the few brands to launch with this new XC race wheelset. This wheelset will be available on the Yeti Turq Ultimate build as well as our T-Series builds as a carbon wheel upgrade option.

  • DT Swiss 180 Hub - DT Swiss’ lightest hub - featuring ceramic bearings and a straightpull spoke interface.
  • DT Swiss recently released Revolite Spokes, designed for an optimal balance of durability and weight savings.
  • Front- and Rear-specific asymmetrical rim designs for increased agility on the trail, more even spoke tension and improved spoke bracing angle.
  • Designed and hand-built by DT Swiss using a new production technique, resulting in DT Swiss lightest carbon rims to-date.
  • Wheelset weight: 1303g (597g front, 706g rear).

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