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Red Bull Rampage Bikes: Custom Spindrift AL and CF by Clemens Kaudela and Carson Storch

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On October 13, the best freeriders in the world will meet again in Virgin, Utah, and this year two of our athletes, Carson Storch and Clemens Kaudela, will compete in the most extreme event of the year. In this article you will find out with which bikes the two will start and we take a look at the custom painted frames.

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Anyone who has watched Red Bull Rampage in recent years will be familiar with the name Carson Storch. 2023 will be his ninth (!) participation in this special event. After a sixth place in 2022, Carson is hungry to improve his result even more and wants to climb the podium again like in 2016. Back then, he finished in third place.

%C2%A9Tyler Roemer Carson Storch Propain 0015%C2%A9Tyler Roemer Carson Storch Propain 0017

Spindrift CF Size M

SR Suntour RUX 200mm
(custom progressive tune, 115psi)

SR Suntour Voro Coil
(650lb Titan Spring, custom progressive tune)

DT Swiss FR 1500/240 (27,5″)

Michelin DH22 front (32psi),
Michelin DH34 rear (36psi)

Shimano Saint

%C2%A9Tyler Roemer Carson Storch Propain 0013%C2%A9Tyler Roemer Carson Storch Propain 0018.jpg?VersionId=120ZtKzoBmLy0m4nFeJP.c

Shimano Saint (200 mm front, 180 mm rear)

Title AH1 (25 mm rise, 780 mm width)

Title DM1

Sensus Swayze Look-On

Title CP1

Title JS1

Sensus Crue


ClemensKaudela Rampage23 Day1 Lifestyle Bikecheck Syo van Vliet 1861 MR.jpg?VersionId=KTljrwfu2Whab2zXnU7fQ41Z

Clemens Kaudela might be known to most people from events like Dark Fest or The Nines. Through his incredible video The Minister he was able to qualify for Rampage for the first time this year. In addition to extreme stunts, the Austrian-born rider also knows a lot about trail building. He has already built the biggest freeride courses in the world in a team with other freeriders. This time at Rampage he must do it without his beloved excavator. But we could not miss the opportunity to design his bike according to this preference. We are already very excited about the creative lines that Clemens will shovel into the mountain together with his dig crew.

ClemensKaudela Rampage23 Day1 Lifestyle Bikecheck Syo van Vliet 1907 MRClemensKaudela Rampage23 Day1 Lifestyle Bikecheck Syo van Vliet 1932 MR

Spindrift AL Size M -Mixed

Manitou Dorado Pro
(85psi Main, 155psi in second chamber)

Fox Dhx2
(Custom Tune by Suspension Express)

Panchowheels RAGE

Kenda Pinner AGC (27,5“) front (34psi),
rear (38psi)

Sram X0 7 speed

ClemensKaudela Rampage23 Day1 Lifestyle Bikecheck Syo van Vliet 1925 MRClemensKaudela Rampage23 Day1 Lifestyle Bikecheck Syo van Vliet 1937 MR

Hayes Dominion4 200 mm Rotors

Protaper A25 mit 25 mm rise

Protaper DM 50 mm

Deathgrips Thick


Sixpack EJ

Sixpack Millennium
(with Custom 4 mm extra high pins)

Both Carson and Clemens will be competing on our freerider the Spindrift. Carson has chosen the Spindrift CF and Clemens sets on the aluminum version of the Spindrift. Both have of course opted for a double crown fork, how it should be at big mountain freeride. In addition, both rely on a full 27.5“-inch setup for more maneuverability in the extraordinary tricks and lines they will build and ride.

%C2%A9Tyler Roemer Carson Storch Propain 0003
ClemensKaudela Rampage23 Day1 Lifestyle Bikecheck Syo van Vliet 1951 MR.jpg?VersionId=q2UuxlTSBK

We can’t wait to see Carson and Clemens in action on October 13 and wish them all the best for their daredevil maneuvers. Watch the entire spectacle live on Red Bull TV or ESPN+.

ClemensKaudela Rampage23 Day4   Syo van Vliet 4328 MR


Photos by Tyler Roemer und Syo van Vliet

Painted by Lars Diedenhofen

Carsons Frame Design by Alexander Seypt


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