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Ready To Pound Some Trails? Olympia Gives Us The New Hammer E-nduro! 2

Hammer, all the buzz of a top quality e-nduro model.

Agile, powerful, surprisingly easy to handle, capable of entertaining even the keenest adrenaline-seeking enduro riders, but also of making less technically expert users happy: top performance and easy riding are ideally combined in the new version of Hammer, the top-of-the-range e-mtb model by Olympia. 

Its technological heart is the 90 N/m Oli motor, with optimized consumption, and 900 W/h PowerNine 900 battery: this equipment guarantees performance and usage time levels well above common standards, combined with remarkably compact dimensions.  

Compared to the previous version, one of the key features of Hammer is a lower standover and lower centre of gravity: the bike is more stable and easier to handle when changing direction and on uneven ground.

022 Olympia Dettagli1888

The monocoque frame is made of T800 carbon fibre. The double-mould EPS construction technology used makes the internal surfaces more homogeneous, resulting in a particularly rigid and lighter structure. The rear triangle and the entirely remodelled and repositioned link of the shock absorber are also in carbon fibre. 

In line with the manufacturers' set-up customisation policy, the geometry of the Hammer frame changes according to the height of the user. By adjusting the inclination angle of the seat tube according to sizes, the best weight balance is always guaranteed, with the advantage of always supporting the cyclist's effort uphill and boosting efficiency on the most challenging downhill stretches. 

One of the innovative features of the new Hammer is the positioning of the Trunnion shock absorber on the down tube with centre distance of 205 and 65mm travel, which ensures a 170mm travel of the rear wheel: a solution designed to bring the bike weight closer to the ground and, at the same time, make room for a bottle cage in the vertical tube. 

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The Flip Chip allows users to adjust the angle of the seat and steering tube by 0.5° to adapt the bike's set-up to the rider's riding style and type of route. The new Flip Chip configuration improves the suspension compression curve, which becomes more progressive and more effective even in the case of an upgrade to a spring-type shock absorber. 

To counteract any excessive suspension dive when riding uphill due to normal pedalling action and motor assistance, we slightly increased the antisquat effect in the initial part of suspension dive to exceed the value of 100%: in this way, the cyclist will not have to compensate for the backward repositioning of weights when riding uphill by moving their upper body.

The length of the rear stay has been calculated according to the size of the frame. It is 438mm in the size M/L, while in the size L/XL it is longer by 5mm to a length of 443mm.

hammer geo.jpg?VersionId=y1L0vLn6uagl9CGplFvR3h yZLsb.pG

The bearings have been doubled both in the Horst joint and in the fulcrum point of the main pivot in the rear stay. Thanks to the 157 mm Superboost rear axle, the rear end is extremely stable, a plus in terms of response when pedalling standing up but also in terms of general behaviour of the bike, riding downhill and on uneven ground. A 17mm diameter expansion pin creates a more solid connection between the rear end and frame.

The standard 1.5''/1.8'' steering ensures great strength and reliability. The Acros headset has bearings that contain larger diameter bearing balls and a lock to prevent full rotation of the handlebars, while the 170 mm Rock Shox Zeb fork has an oversized head, specifically designed for this larger diameter head tube. All this helps prevent front end bending and convey a feeling of safety and precision while riding. The cables run inside the headset.

Hammer is available in a mullet version, with a 27.5" rear wheel and 29" front wheel.

The color schemes available are carbon black/red, carbon black/white. 

OLI EDGE MOTOR: more compact, more powerful

When it comes to performance, we've raised the bar even further. Hammer is equipped with the new OLI Edge motor, compact, more powerful and with a customized cover. It delivers 90 Nm of torque and is able to multiply the power applied to the pedals by four. The pedal assistance delivery curve has been improved both at low revs, below 50rpm, and above 90rpm to guarantee excellent torque throughout the rev range. A double number of torque sensors (4 instead of 2) allows OLI Edge to provide smooth and timely delivery for each specific mode of use, to help cyclists tackle even highly technical stretches and optimize consumption. The Vectorial Logic system allows the behaviour of the motor to be controlled with extreme precision and promptly adapted to any required use with a wide variety of settings. The 6 standard levels, developed by Olympia in conjunction with Oli technicians, can all be further configured using special software supplied to dealers.

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The motor also has an “R” level which generates instant response to pressure applied to the pedals, so as to reach full power in no time and with little effort. This level is completely free from the "drag" effect: motor assistance ends instantly when the rider stops pedalling, ensuring perfect motion control by the cyclist, who will be able to handle obstacles and angled uphill corners with a natural pedalling feeling and all the motor watt power available. This performance is made possible by the generous PowerNine battery, which guarantees low consumption and allows users to tackle even highly energy intensive trips with peace of mind.

POWERNINE 900: more capacity, more usage time, longer life

The Hammer motor is powered by the latest generation 900 W/h PowerNine 900 battery, developed by Olympia to provide its e-MTBs with power and usage time levels far above common standards. PowerNine 900 allows users to tackle longer rides at challenging altitudes, without having to worry about constantly keeping an eye on the battery charge level. 

022 Olympia Dettagli1876 HDR

The battery is integrated in the down tube and features a particularly high capacity/weight ratio. 

A great advantage offered by PowerNine is that its longer usage time requires fewer charge cycles, which lengthens the life of the battery. As is known, the more times a battery is recharged, the shorter its life in fully efficient condition. 

A full charge is achieved in just six hours. The battery has been waterproofed to guarantee its sound operation even in extreme climatic conditions.



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