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Reach New Piques - Introducing The All-New LIV Pique Advanced 29

Built for a new era.

We’ve loved every era of XC, but this one smashes records. From Nové Město to Snowshoe, the inclines are steeper, the descents sharper, the terrain more technical. And the riding is faster than ever. It’s also a new era of women’s racing. We’re seeing more ways to watch, more fans watching, and more riders to fangirl. And it’s a new era for all of us who ride. Because there’s no stopping a woman on a bike made to elevate her power, skills, and speed. It’s the bring-it-on era. The no-compromise era. The ready-for-it era. And we’ve built the bike for it.

At LIV, 100% of Our Resources Are Invested in Women

We are committed to women-first research and design. The Pique Advanced 29 series features unique frame sizing and component selection for the perfect fit at every size, plus suspension tuned for women, by women. We advance opportunities for women in cycling, from A-Line at Crankworx Whistler to Cape Epic. We elevate women in the industry, from our founder and engineers to team managers, mechanics, and physios. And we champion women at the highest levels of racing, including Liv Factory Racing, our UCI World Cup Cross-Country mountain bike team.

When you buy a Liv bike, you’re investing in women.

Official Bike of LIV Factory Racing


Linda Indergand
Perhaps nothing is as bejeweled as Swiss rider Linda Indergand’s trophy cabinet, which includes two national championships, three world championships, and a Bronze Medal from the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. This year, she also took the overall win in the Elite Women’s XCO
at the CIC ON Swiss Bike Cup Series.

NEXT PIQUE: Linda has her sights set on the coveted Swiss National Champion jersey.


Ronja Blöchlinger
After a perfect 2023 Mountain Bike World Cup Series in U23 XCC, Swiss rising star Ronja Blöchlinger rode her Liv Pique to U23 overall victories in both XCC and XCO.

NEXT PIQUE: Ronja advances from U23 to Elite, taking on new rivals and new challenges.


Jenn Jackson
Canadian rider and 3x national champ, Jenn Jackson proudly wore the Canadian jersey to a career-best 12th place at the World Cup XCO final in her home country. She is also the 2023 Pan American Games Gold Medalist and has stood on the UCI podium more times than we can count.

NEXT PIQUE: Jenn is chasing after Olympic qualifications.

Pique Advanced 29 Series

Liv Pique Advanced 29 0.jpg?VersionId=CPqxulhbqKJNqIHOEIzhVY0L

Pique Advanced 29 0
Mulberry Glitter/Black/Chrome

MY24 Liv Pique Advanced 29 1 0

Pique Advanced 29 1
Gloss Raw Carbon/Matte Carbon/Chrome

MY24 Liv Pique Advanced 29 2

Pique Advanced 29 2
Golden Haze/Carbon/Chrome

MY24 Liv Pique Advanced 29 3.jpg?VersionId=PO.63Rlf IhBE5kdtdZy

Pique Advanced 29 3
Ice Age/Carbon

Vitality, Design, Identity

Discover the Pique Advanced 29 series’ exhilarating new design identity: Vitality.

Defined by reimagined tube shapes, dynamic feature lines, and an unmistakable personality, Vitality injects a thrilling new dimension into the Pique product line. This bold design approach firmly distinguishes the Pique Advanced 29 series, capturing Liv's unwavering commitment to elevate your ride.

Cross-country is evolving beyond fast-and-flowy to fast-and-everything — technical terrain, all-day epics, and stage races. The new Pique Advanced 29 is ready for it. Reengineered for greater efficiency and control, this XC queen was built to slay switchbacks, rock gardens, and yesterday’s PRs.

0 Liv Pique Advanced 29 0 profile outside

Efficiency Is Speed

Now 297 grams lighter, the Advanced-grade composite frameset also features greater stiffness for efficient power transfer, a massive advantage on climbs and at speed. New FlexPoint Pro suspension minimizes weight by minimizing parts. And a shorter chainstay offers greater agility for maneuvering switchbacks, and snappy acceleration for seizing every overtake opportunity.

Control Is Power

With its patented, linkage-driven, single-pivot design, the new FlexPoint Pro suspension delivers 115mm of smooth, active rear-wheel travel, so you can maximize power and traction over ever-changing and uber-challenging terrain. Combined with a slacker head tube angle and 120mm of front suspension, this setup ensures you’re equipped to dominate technical descents.

Stability Is Mastery

Roll over just about anything on 29-inch wheels designed for stability and efficiency. Updated geometry provides a longer reach, putting you in a lower and more aggressive body position. A steeper seat tube angle increases pedaling efficiency on even the steepest climbs. And the modified cockpit
includes a 35mm composite handlebar and alloy stem for steering precision.


High-performance grade raw carbon material is used to produce this custom frame material in our own composite factory. The mainframe and rear swingarm are handcrafted with monocoque construction for optimized stiffness-to-weight and an ultra-responsive ride quality. The new frameset is 297g lighter, with 6-percentage torsional and 10-percent pedaling stiffness improvement.

0 Liv Pique Advanced 29 0 Vitality Design Identity

FlexPoint Pro is a cutting-edge rear suspension technology designed for cross-country bikes, characterized by its patented, linkage-driven, single-pivot system that provides 115mm of active rear-wheel travel. This innovative design minimizes weight and isolates forces, leading to improved control, increased traction, and more efficient power transfer. This translates to less fatigue, consistent performance across varied terrains, and an enhanced ability to tackle challenging climbs and technical descents with confidence and speed.

0 Liv Pique Advanced 29 0 FlexPoint Pro Suspension Technology

Our oversized fork steerer tube technology is specifically engineered to deliver precise front-end steering performance. With oversized headset bearings (1-1/2” lower and 1-1/8” upper) and tapered steerer tube, this system works together to provide the ideal balance of steering stiffness and  responsiveness.

0 Liv Pique Advanced 29 0 120mm front-wheel travel

The upper rocker arm is crafted using Advanced Forged Composite Technology which offers increased stiffness, durability, and lighter weight.

0 Liv Pique Advanced 29 0 115mm rear-wheel travel

The massively oversized bottom bracket/chainstay area features a fully integrated, 92mm bottom bracket design. Asymmetric chainstays provide additional stiffness on the driveside and stability on the non-driveside.

0 Liv Pique Advanced 29 0 New chainstay and down tube protection

Featuring 29-inch wheels with 2.4-inch tire clearance for maximizing speed, acceleration, and maneuverability.

Boost 15x110 [F], 12X148 [R] hub spacing improves stiffness, trail handling and tire clearance.

Lightweight, stiff, and durable carbon wheels and tubeless tires deliver race-ready efficiency and precision handling.

New design for internal cable routing offers a clean look and performance for derailleur, brake, and dropper post cables and housing.

0 Liv Pique Advanced 29 0 Integrated cable ports.jpg?VersionId=ziUuz0xNtbYqhxxdFv1BJ0T.e4EkUhF

All-new Giant/MRP chain guide reduces the chance of the chain falling off the chainring on rough, technical XC terrain.

The 3M clear foil down tube protector is a durable adhesive film that safeguards your bike’s down tube from scratches, rock chips, and debris damage, ensuring a pristine appearance and increased longevity.

The chainstay protector is a durable cover applied to your chainstay to prevent damage from chain slap and other impacts, ensuring a quieter and more secure ride.

Key Benefits

This linkage-driven, single-pivot system creates consistent damping and spring performance throughout its travel, isolating the rear shock to provide small bump sensitivity through the entire wheel path. It gives riders a smooth, active feel through the entire shock stroke with no harsh bottom outs.

By eliminating the lower rocker arm and using a single full-composite upper rocker arm, FlexPoint Pro saves significant weight over traditional dual-rocker designs. Fewer pivot points (three instead of four) and one less linkage means fewer grams to carry up climbs.

The minimal flexing action of the chainstay/seatstay junction creates a ground tracking, fully active suspension system with fewer complex pivots, linkages and additional frame reinforcements. This makes it a durable system that requires less maintenance (and is easier to set up).

How it works

The minimal flexing action of the full-composite swingarm junction creates 115mm of rear wheel travel via a patented design that minimizes swingarm influence under compression. This makes FlexPoint Pro the most active, lightweight XC suspension system on the market.

Delivers maximum efficiency without brake interference or pedal feedback for smooth, unimpeded compression activity.

Action 4 Liv Pique Advanced 29 0 Liv Cycling

Superlight rear swingarm, made from Advanced-grade composite, provides minimally flexing elements for an active feel and significantly less weight than dual-rocker designs. This creates a lighter frameset, helping XC racers climb and accelerate faster.

Pique Advanced 29 Testing Results


  • Size small, unpainted, production frame
  • Rear derailleur hanger
  • All production hardware (bearing/bolt of each pivot, water bottle bolts, etc.)

The 2024 Pique Advanced 29 outperforms its 2023 predecessor by shedding 297 grams. This significant weight reduction was accomplished through several key enhancements:

  • Switching to a lighter, superior proprietary carbon fiber material
  • Redesigning the frameset with tube shapes that provide increased stiffness and strength using less material
  • Implementing FlexPoint Pro Suspension Technology, which is lighter and has fewer parts compared to the previous Maestro Suspension Technology


  • Germany’s Tour magazine
  • Size: Small

Torsional stiffness was determined by how much the complete frameset flexed under a twisting load. Each frameset was locked at the rear dropouts
with lateral force applied to the head tube. Higher frameset stiffness means better cornering, stability, and efficiency.

Through testing, we discovered that the 2024 Pique Advanced 29 provides up to 6% greater torsional stiffness than its predecessor, attributed to:

  • A redesigned top tube, evolving from a bent to a straight shape
  • Reengineered down tube, top tube and chainstay to a wider, square profile
  • Use of a lighter, stiffer, more superior carbon fiber material

Pedaling stiffness was determined by how much the complete frameset flexed under a pedaling load. Each frameset was locked at the rear dropouts and stabilized at the front by a rigid fixture resembling a suspension fork, providing stability as force was exerted on the crankset to simulate pedaling.
Greater pedaling stiffness means better power transfer, handling, and predictable performance.

Through testing, we discovered that the 2024 Pique Advanced 29 offers up to 10% more pedaling stiffness, attributed to:

  • The wider, square-shaped redesign of the down tube and chainstay
  • Use of a lighter, stiffer, more superior carbon fiber material

Overall, the enhanced frameset stiffness in the new Pique Advanced 29 translates to more efficient power transmission, allowing riders to reach and maintain higher speeds with less effort. The combination of lower weight and augmented stiffness culminates in unrivaled efficiency.

Component 2023 LIVE Pique Advanved 29 2024 LIV Pique Advanced 29 Difference
FRAMESET WEIGHT (g) 1765 1468 -297
PEDALING STIFFNESS (N/mm) 85 93.61 +10%
MY24 Liv Pique Advanced 29 Launch Book LR-16 0Geometry 0.png?VersionId=BAction 5 Liv Pique Advanced 29 0 Liv Cycling 0

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